I, Epicterrific, am thousands of years old and come from the past to tell you magnificent stories of the ancient world. I come from an age when valorous heroes walked the Earth, fantastical beasts, superbeings and dieties co-existed with humans and protected or preyed upon them as they fancied, a time when mystery and magic still ruled the world.

I have travelled all over the world throughout the Ages and have a collection of the most splendid tales you have ever heard of. I have tales of battle and gore, love and romance, mystery and adventure, heroic as well as horrifying deeds. I dare say that you will all be amused by my stories as there is something in it for everybody.

These tales are so fantastic, so splendid that I dont want them to be lost with the flow of time.

I shall be starting with ODin,s EyE, Thor’s HaMMer, Siegefried’s SwoRd……Yes….You are right I’m talking about


So folks just read and enjoy!!!