Gagnrad – (“Gain-counsellor”) The name Odin chose to call himself when visiting Vafthrudnir.

Galar – A mean Dwarf and brother of Fjalar. They killed Kvasir and mixed his blood with honey in pot called Odrerir and then vats called Son and Bodn, created the Mead of Poetry.

Galdalf – Gandalf is told to be the eighteenth of the prehistoric Dwarves. The name means ‘magician’.

Galdr, Galdor – The use of runes for magical purposes, specifically verbal incantations. A ritual to perform magical song and poetry in a high, shrieking voice. Odin is considered the foremost practitioner.

Galdrakona – ON. A woman who practices galdor magic, a witch or volva. Magic chant singing done by a woman.

Galdramyndur – [gald-ra-minn-dur] ON. Literally this means a “magical sign”.

Galdrastafr, Galdor-stave – pl., galdrastafir. ON. Literally “stave of incantations”. A magical sign which may or may not have its origin as a bind-rune.Originally they were made up of bindrunes which were then stylized for magical purposes. Used as a focus for complex magical operations.

Gamanrúnar – ON: joy runes.

Gambantein – (“Magic Branch”) A magic wand given to Odin by the Giant Hlebard. When Odin had got the wand he made Hlebard lose his mind.

Gand, Gandr – (ON gandr) A magic wand. Projected magical power and the wand, staff, or stave which contains or expresses it.

Gandalf – (“Magic Elf”) A Dwarf.

Gang – Giant Gang is Olvalde’s youngest son and brother to Tjatsi and Ide. When the father had died the brothers rapidly shared his beer. This was the first time they were all quiet.

Ganglati – (“Tardy”) Giant Ganglati is is one of the servants of Death-Goddess Hel and lives with her underground. Ganglati was so slow that no one ever could tell he was moving.

Gangleri – Another name for Odin.

Ganglot – Serving maid of Hel.

Gap-tooth – The name of one of Thor’s goats that pulls his divine chariot through the sky.

Gardrofa – (“One Who Pulls Fences”) The mare Gardrofa and the horse Hamskerpir are the parents of Gna’s grey horse Hoof-flourisher.

Garm – Hel’s monster wolf dog, who guards the island where Loki and his wolf-son, Fenrir, are chained. Hound of the Underworld, the most evil dog, he is bound with iron chains to guard the entrance Gnipahellir until Ragnarok. In Ragnarok he and Tyr will kill each other. Also called Mánagarm.

Garth – A yard, enclosure, homestead.

Gaut – By-name of Odin.

Gaut’s Gate – A kenning for a shield. This is because Odin’s gate, the gate to Asgard, shields Asgard from its enemies.

Gefn, Gefjun, Gefjon – Vanir Goddess of gift-giving, the All-Giver. She is associated with sowing of fields, crop and human fertility, celebrated with wagon rituals and plough rites at the New Year. As an aspect of fate, she is called in oath taking. Goddess of unmarried women, also one of the maidens in Frigga’s palace. To her were entrusted all those who died unwedded, whom she received and made happy for ever. She did not remain a virgin herself, but married a Giant, by whom she had four sons. Odin sent her to Gylfi, king of Sweden to beg for some land which she might call her own. The king, amused at her request, promised her as much land as she could plough around in one day and night. Gefjon changed her four sons into oxen, harnessed them to a plough and cut a wide and deep furrow all around a large piece of land. She forcibly wrenched it away and made her oxen drag it down to the sea, where she made it fast and called it Seeland. Gefjon then married Skjold, one of Odin’s sons, and became the ancestress of the royal Danish Skioldungs.

Geirahöd – (“Spear of Battle”) A Valkyrie who serves ale to the Einheriar in Valhalla.

Geiravor – A Valkyrie.

Geirdriful – A Valkyrie.

Geirolu – A Valkyrie.

Geirrod – (“The one who bloods the spear”) A cunning Giant and ironsmith, he caught Loki, who flew into his castle as Frigga’s falcon and got stuck. He locked Loki in a chest and starved him for three months. He forced Loki to bring Thorr to his farm. For fun, Geirrod used tongs to pick up a lump of molten iron and threw it at Thorr, Thorr used iron gauntlets to catch it, then flung it back. It crashed through pillars, Geirrod, walls, and and into ground outside. Geirrod and his daughters, Gjalp and Greip, were killed.

Geirromul – A Valkyrie.

Geirrondul – A Valkyrie.

Geirskigull – A Valkyrie.

Gerahod – A Valkyrie.

Geri – (“Greedy”) Geri is one of Odin’s two wolves. The other one is Freki. They get all the meat that is served to Odin because he only drinks wine.

Gerd, Gerdh – (“Fence”) A Frost Giantess who married Freyr. Freyr’s servant Skirnir was sent to woo her for him. It was only after threats of curses death and suffering in Hel that she agreed to marry Freyr . The beautiful Gerd is Gymir and Aurboda’s daughter and Beli’s sister. She is known for her shining beauty. When she raises her arms everything shines.

Geri & Freki – (“Ravenous” & “Greedy”) Two of Odin’s wolves. He feeds them the food from his table.

Gersimi – Goddess of beauty, Freya’s daughter with Od. The beautiful Hnoss is her sister. The name Gersimi means ‘jewelry’

Gestumblindi – In the contest of riddles with King Heidrek the Wise, the last riddle about Odin’s whisperings to Balder reveal that Gestumblindi is actually Odin.

Giants & Giantesses- In Old Norse the word risi meant a true Giant of great size, capable of intermarrying with humans; they were usually beautiful and good. The jotnar, singular jötunn, had great strength and age and were also called etins. The thursar, singular thurs, were antagonistic, destructive, and stupid. The Giants in Northern mythology (such as the Frost Giants, the Mountain Giants and the Fire Giants) represent the raw forces of Nature in their primitive form. The Giants are often big, clumsy, magic-skilled, and sometimes evil-minded creatures. The worst enemy of the Giants is Thor, with his powerful hammer Mjollnir. Most Giants live in Jotunheim. There are also Fire Giants who follow Surt in Muspelheim and Rimthursar (Frost Giants) who came from the ice-cold Niflheim. All Giants originally came from Ymir. It may be that the Giants were the Gods of the Stone Age, the Vanir the Gods of the Bronze Age and the Æsir the Gods of the Iron Age.

Gilling – (“Huge Cod”) The Giant Gilling is Billing’s brother. Gilling and his wife were killed by the evil Dwarves Galar and Fjalar, who brewed the Mead of Poetry. His son, Suttung took revenge.

Gils – Horse of the Æsir used to ride to Glasheim, their Court of Justice, each day.

Gimli – (“Hall of the Blessed”) Located to the south and above Asgard in another heaven called Andlang, it is a building with a golden roof. It is the fairest hall of all and brighter than the sun. It will survive Ragnarok, and will be where good and righteous men go to upon death.

Ginar – A Dwarf.

Ginnungagap – The great void between Muspellheim and Niflheim before the creation. An enormous canyon that divides red-hot Muspelheim to the south and icy Nivlheim to the north. The creation of the world began at Ginnungagap, with Ymir the Giant and the primal cow, Audhumla. The Gods kill Ymir, place the body such that it fills the gap and finally create the world out of the carcass.

Gjallarhorn, Gjall, Gyall – (“The Recalling Horn”) Heimdall’s mighty horn. Its blast can be heard all over the nine worlds. It shall be blown at Ragnarok.

Gjallarbru (Gyall-ar-broo) – (“Resounding Bridge”) The bridge crossed by Hermod on his way to Hel’s realm in search of Balder.

Gjalp – (“Yelling”) The Giantess Gjalp is Geirod’s daughter and Greip’s sister. She tries to stop Thor from passing a lake by flooding it with urine.

Gjoll – 1) The Hel Bridge. It is thatched with gleaming gold and the maiden who guards it is called Módgud. From the bridge over the river Gjöll the road to Hel lies downwards and northwards. 2) The boulder to which the wolf Fenrir was chained. It was fastened with another boulder called Thviti.

Glad, Gyllir, Glœr, Skeidbrimir, Silfrtopp, Sinir, Gils, Falhofnir, and Lettfeti – The Æsir’s horses

Gladsheim – (“Glad-land”) One of the names of Odin’s hall, also called “Shining Home”, “Hlidskjalt”, and “High Seat”. It lies on the plain of Ida.

Glapsvid – Another name for Odin.

Gleaming Bale – The name of Hel’s curtains.

Gleipnir – The fetter (chain) used to bind Fenrir, made by the Svartalfar from the sound of cat’s footfall, a woman’s beard, a mountain’s roots, a bear’s sinews, a fish’s breath, a bird’s spittle. The other two chains were Dromi and Loding.

Glen – (“Shine”) Glen is the Light-Disir Sun’s husband. Before Ragnarok they gave birth to a daughter who they named Sunna. She took over her mother’s task in the new world.

Glimmering Misfortune – The Death-Goddess Hel’s bed hangings. It is in her stronghold in Nifilhel.

Glitner – The silver and gold hall of Forseti, in Asgard.

Glódhker – ON. A fire-pot or brazier used in ritual workings.

Gloin – A rock dwelling Dwarf.

Glut – (“Glow”) One of Loki’s wives.

Gna – Frigga’s swift messenger, mounted on her steed Hofvarpnir (“Hoof-Thrower” or “Hoof-Flourisher” ), would travel through fire and air, over land and sea, and was therefore considered the personification of the refreshing breeze. She saw all that was happening on earth and told her mistress all she knew.

Gnipahellr – The cave in front of Niflhel where the monster hound Garm is chained.

Gnita Heath – The place where the dragon Fáfnir guarded the hoard of gold stolen from the Dwarf Andvari.

Goat – The animal sacred to Thor. His chariot was drawn by two he-goats.

God of the Shield – By-name for Ullr.

Goin – One of many serpents who gnaw at the roots of the great tree Yggdrasil.

Golden apples- Every year Idunna gives each god and goddess a golden apple to keep them young. They are the apples of immortality.

Golden Kingdom – Another name for Asgard, also called “the White Kingdom”.

Goldtooth – Another name for Heimdall as he had teeth of gold.

Göll – (“Loud Cry”, “Battle Cry”) A Valkyrie who serves ale to the Einheriar in Valhalla.

Gollinkambi, Gullinkambe – The cockerel in Yggdrasil, waits to signal the Gods and the warriors of Valhalla for the final battle of Ragnarok.

Göndul – (“Magic Wand” or “Enchanted Stave” ) Gondul with Hildr and Skögul, are the most noble Valkyries in Asgard. Their task is to choose the men permitted to go to Valhalla. She is often associated with war magic.

Gondlir – Another name for Odin.

Grabak – One of many serpents who gnaw at the roots of the great tree Yggdrasil.

Grafrollud – One of many serpents who gnaw at the roots of the great tree Yggdrasil.

Gram – (“Grim”) A sword, forged by Volund, given by Odin to Sigmund. When it broke, the Dwarf Regin forged it together and gave it to Sigurdr Fafnisbari who killed the dragon Fafnir with it.

Grane, Grani – Grane is Sigurdr’s grey horse, the son of Sleipnir. Grane will not bear any other rider than Sigurdr. When Sigurdr dies even Grane dies. Grane has runes carved into his chest.

Grendel – The monster that was slain by Beowulf.

Grer – Dwarf Grer forged the love Goddess Freya’s beautiful Brising necklace, together with Alfrik, Berling and Dvalin. To get the jewelry she spent one night with each of them

Greip – (“Strong Grip”) daughter of Geirrod who, along with the other daughter Gialp, tried to push Thorr’s seat to the ceiling to crush him. Thorr used Grid’s magic pole to push back down and broke their backs.

Grid (“Greed” or “Peace”) – The Giantess who warned Thorr against Geirrod and Loki. She gave Thorr his magic strength-belt and iron gloves. Grid is a friendly Giantess who had a son, Vidar with Odin.

Gridarvol – The iron rod Gridarvol belongs to the Giantess Grid. Once when Thor was going to see the Giant Geirod, unarmed, she lent him Gridarvol and her iron-gloves.

Grim – (“The Masked One”) A by-name of Odin.

Grimnir – A disguise Odin used when visiting a king’s court. He appeared wearing a blue cloak and large hat. The king’s dogs would not bark at him.

Grjotunagardar – (“Stone-Fence House”) The place where the boasting giant Hrungnir arranged to fight the god Thor.

Groa – The wife of Aurvandil the Bold, a sorceress who chanted spells until Hrungnir’s whetstone started to come loose from Thor’s head, but Thor interrupted her with story of Aurvandil’s toe getting frozen off while Thor carried him a basket across Elivagar river. Groa got distracted and couldn’t finish the spells, so the whetstone stayed in Thor’s forehead.

Grotte – The “World Mill” belonging to the Danish king Frode, a grind-mill of gold and a controller of the stars’ movements. The millstones are so enormous that they may only be moved by the giant sisters Fenja and Menja.

Gudr – A Valkyrie.

Gullfaxi (Gool-fax-ee) – (“Golden Mane”) The horse of the Giant Hrugnir, who raced against Odin riding Sleipnir, and lost. Thorr obtained him when he killed the Giant, but he gave the horse to his son Magni.

Gullinbursti – Gullinbursti is one of two boars that drag Freyr’s chariot. The other one is Slidrugtanni. Gullinbursti’s golden bristles light up the dark. It was forged by the Dwarf-smith Brokk.

Gulltop [Gool-top] – (“Gold Fringe”) Heimdall’s horse with a golden mane. He can fly with great speed. Heimdall only rides him at formal ceremonies, for example when they were going to burn Balder’s dead body.

Gullveig, Gollveig, Heid – (“Gold Might” or “Gold Thirst”) Also called “Golden Branch”, “Gleaming One”. A member of the Vanir who came to live with the Aesir. She was a handmaiden to Freya and taught her seidr. The gods considered her to be an abomination who did not deserve to live. Three times she was thrown into the fire in Odin’s hall and emerged whole and shining. The attempts to kill her sparked the war between the Aesir and Vanir. Because they could not kill her, the Gods banished her to Ironwood, where she is magically bound until Ragnarok. Gullveig may be the Giantess Agnriboda, who bore with Loki the monsters Hel, Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent.

Gungne, Gungnir – (“Swings When Riding”) Odin’s magical spear, forged by the Dwarf Brokk. When Odin threw the spear over an army, it meant that they were going to die in battle and lose the war.

Gunnlod, Gunnlauth, Gunnloed – Jotun-Giantess, daughter of Suttung. She guards the Mead of Poetry in an underground cavern. After Odin spent three nights with her, she let him taste it. Odin swallowed it all in three gigantic gulps, jumped into his eagle suit and flew back to Asgard with the angry Suttung on the chase. Nine months later Gunnlod gave birth to Bragi.

Gunnr – (“Battle”) Gunnr and Róta and the youngest norn, called Skuld, ride to choose who shall be slain and to govern the killings.

Gybu auja – Give (bring) good luck.

Gylfi – king of Sweden. He gave a beggar-woman a plough-land, the size four oxen could plough in a day and a night, as a reward for the way she had entertained him. This woman, Gefjon, was of the family of the Æsir. From the north of Giantland she took four oxen (her sons by a giant), yoked them to a plough. The plough cut went westwards and cut so deep that it rent the land in two. Gefjon called it it Zealand.

Gyllenkamme – Rooster in the top of Yggdrasil. He has a gold crest. His task is to count to sixty, sixty times twelve and then wake up the Norns sleeping around the Urdawell.

Gymir [guy-meer] – The Mountain Giant Gymir is Aurboda’s husband. Together they have the son Beli and the daughter Gerd, a beautiful Giantess who married Freyr.